Here at Fergus & Glover we are proud to offer our patients the innovative Fastbraces® orthodontic solution. Using Fastbraces®, we are able to treat a wide range of orthodontic problems on both the upper and lower arches for adults and children alike. These state of the art braces work incredibly quickly, hence the name, to give patients a straighter, stunning new smile.

How do they work so quickly?

Fastbraces® are unlike other fixed braces because just one wire is used during the entire treatment period. Most other fixed braces use up to five wires during treatment depending on each individual case. Using just one wire allows for the teeth to move much quicker than traditional braces, and results can be seen in a matter of months. Treatment time is normally between three to ten months, allowing patients to quickly and effectively get the smile they have always wanted. Most cases do not need to have tooth extractions before treatment begins, which is another huge plus for most patients.

Although they work so quickly, the friction is very gentle and because the braces are worn for such a short period, there is little chance of detrimental effects to oral health.

Why choose Fastbraces®?

As well as being extremely quick and gentle on the teeth, Fastbraces® also are unique as they make use of an innovative heat activated wire, which moves the tooth root from the very beginning of treatment. The tooth root and crown are gently repositioned in a much faster time than traditional fixed braces as the movement is completed in just one stage. This means that patients have very minor discomfort in comparison with traditional fixed braces. The brackets are much less bulky than other fixed braces; therefore there is less chance of rubbing the interior of the mouth and the lips.

During treatment, appointments to check the Fastbraces® are normally every five to six weeks. The number of visits depends on the patient, but with minor orthodontic issues, treatment can be completed after only one visit!

What happens after treatment is complete?

After any orthodontic treatment a retainer would normally be needed permanently so that teeth do not relapse. Fastbraces® technology means that a retainer only needs to be worn for twenty minutes a day. This means there will be less impact on your lifestyle and oral health routine. This is because Fastbraces® focus on moving the tooth root into the correct alignment throughout treatment.

For a brand new straight smile quickly, contact the team today to arrange a consultation.