It must of been about 2004 when first hearing of 'Fergus and Glover' dentists.

Back then I was loosing teeth one after-other. And had not enough money to do anything about it. 'Macduff dental' mentioned F and G after loosing two back teeth.

Therefor now not being able to chew with that side of mouth. I wanted so badly to get them fixed but it wasn't the right time.

After a rocky road with my career and finding more stability in my job.

I managed to save enough to get them sorted.

So coming in for a consultation with (one of the Dentists). I knew it was going to happen.

She has an aura about her, (its obvious she is good).

I was made to feel safe and comfortable.

They have every angle covered. Nothing is overlooked.

Even after some quite pervasive work done. There was no pain! Nothing.

I couldn't believe how it was possible!

Now after having the best teeth in the world I can hardly remember how bad they were.

Words can't describe how happy I am with them. I feel so much healthier!

Confident, relaxed and at ease with myself.

If you are considering getting any work done, don't doubt its not possible.

It will change your life.

As it has mine.


James Rae

After many years as an NHS patient I went to Fergus and Glover to seek treatment as my NHS dentist did not offer any alternatives to fillings or extractions.

From the moment I walked in the door I was treated as a valued and welcome patient, I could not have hoped for a better welcome. After I had a CT scan it was obvious, to my eyes anyway, that it was a lost cause, but (the Dentist) assured me that this was not the case, that she could make it OK again. I said she must be joking, that my teeth were all over the place, but she sat me down and explained her treatment plan to me, all the while reassuring me that all would be well.

After a sinus infill, half a dozen or so implants and a whole lot of care and attention, I can smile again without worrying about the gaps in my teeth, and this is all down to Fergus and Glover.

After sitting in the waiting room a few times and watching the staff at work you realise that everybody that comes in the door is treated like a valued and welcome patient, to them everybody is special.

Dave R

I have been a patient of Fergus and Glover for several years and very pleased to be asked to give a testimonial for their Dental Technician. On a number of occasions I have required the help of (the technician) His approach is firstly to make me feel at ease and is always aware of the sensitive nature of any requirements and has given me first class treatment on each occasion. I must applaud (The technitian) for his professional manner and his ability to review an issue and always give a positive response. I realise that (the technician) is part of a team and from my dealings with him and the team at Fergus and Glover I have been treated very well and congratulate them of being in my opinion a very professional Dental Practice.

Patient D.M 2014

I returned to Fergus and Glover, after some time working abroad, and in the past few years have had some major dental work with ongoing maintenance ever since. I have always found everyone involved in the practice competent, extremely professional and very friendly. Before the major treatment everything about the procedure I was about to undergo was explained to me (including the cost) and all went as planned. I am happy to recommend the Fergus & Glover Dental practice to anyone.

Patient B.M.

Recently I had an abscess on one of my teeth which resulted in the removal of the tooth. The care I received at the above practice was exceptional. The front desk team deserve a mention as they are so helpful, polite and so well organised. My Dentist saw me at very short notice and her care as usual was exceptional. The Dental assistants I also find to be so friendly and helpful helping put you at ease. I would like to thank (one of the other dentists) also she also saw me at short notice. The man I would like to praise the most is the lab Technician his skill are up there. I can smile again, thanks. Hygienists are also very friendly and helpful and do a great job. A great, efficient, friendly and very professional Dental practice to attend. I would highly recommend this practice.

Patient M.M. 2014

Just a short note of appreciation for the professionalism and friendliness shown to us during our smile design treatment at Fergus and Glover.

The experience was very positive and we are delighted with the results. The staff at Fergus and Glover were always welcoming, kind and approachable which made a huge difference during our treatment.

We are more confident with our new 'smiles' and can only thank Jackie for her excellent work.

A great team!

Thanks again.

Patient S.K.

I would like to take this opportunity to praise my dental practice of Fergus & Glover. From entering the spacious clean and comfortable surroundings to be greeted by the reception staff who always have a smile and are very helpful, doing their best to find appointments to suit.

The dentists and dental nurses are second to none. I've had implants and smile design as well as routine work, and the difference for me is amazing. I don't hide behind my hand to smile anymore, I'm proud of my teeth.

This is all more incredible as before I found this practice I was terrified of dentists having treatment only if I was forced to. (my dentist) recognises my fear and treats me with compassion. I have recommended them to friends and family and would like to express my thanks for the services of this practice.

Yours sincerely

Patient L.Y.

I’d like to take the opportunity to express my appreciation and thanks to all the team involved during my recent ‘Smile makeover.’

I knew as soon as I walked into the practice for the first time that I had made the right decision. The down to earth approach, professional and caring attitude demonstrated throughout my visits ensured that the entire ‘Smile makeover’ process was completed to the highest possible standards.

Patient T.S.

I have been attending hygiene therapy sessions with (one of the hygienist), having been diagnosed with advanced periodontal disease on my initial consultation with Fergus and Glover. My previous dentist had not made me aware of this, through many years of consultations.

(She) has always made me feel at ease, take great care at all times to thoroughly and carefully explain each stage of the treatment as we progress to a resolution. This included instruction in effective brushing and flossing routines. Due to the care, professionalism and diligence of (the hygienist) and the rest of the team, I have seen marked improvement in my oral health, putting me on the first steps to a hopefully, successful outcome.

Patient A.G.

(the hygienist) brings approachability to her very professional and competent work. I thoroughly recommend her.? RW

Dear (Fergus and Glover dentist)

I would like to take this opportunity to express my grateful thanks: for your skill and professionalism gifted to me in my recent course of dental treatments and the improvement that it has made to me; and my appearance to others.

I would equally like to thank all of the staff for their kindness and courtesy, and for the wonderful experience that it has been for me with your practice.

Patient D.L.